We stock mainly the Can-Pro line of tools. Our selection includes:

Automotive tools, woodworking tools, sockets, wrenches, and more.

If you would like to see what is available from Can-Pro, you can visit the Can-Pro website, and then contact us with the equipment that you would like to purchase, and if we do not already have it in stock, there is a good chance that we can order it for you.

Aluminum Pipe Wrench

Image of: Aluminum Pipe Wrench
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24" Aluminum Pipe Wrench

Brass Hammer

Image of: Brass Hammer
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3 Pound Brass Hammer
-Fiberglass handle

Digital Caliper

Image of: Digital Caliper
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8" Digital Caliper
SAE & Metric

Gearwrench Socket Bit Set

Image of: Gearwrench Socket Bit Set
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39 pc
Model 890040
18 pc 3/8" drive
21 pc 1/4" drive
Hex, torx, Phillips, Slot

Hilti Cordless Impact Driver

Image of: Hilti Cordless Impact Driver
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Hilti SID 4-A22
1/4" hex drive
No Battery

Husky 4 Piece Air Tool Kit

Image of: Husky 4 Piece Air Tool Kit
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New Air Tool Kit

Mechanix Gloves

Image of: Mechanix Gloves
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Mechanix Gloves
Size Medium

Milwaukee 10 in 1 Screwdriver

Image of: Milwaukee 10 in 1 Screwdriver
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Model 48-22-2102
Multi Screwdriver kit

OTC 3 1/2 Ton Floor Jack

Image of: OTC 3 1/2 Ton Floor Jack
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OTC 3 1/2 Ton Floor Jack
Stinger 2 speed
Model 1526a


Image of: Ratchet
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Quality Ratchets
1/4" drive, $14
3/8" drive, $18
3/8" by 10 1/2" flex, $23
1/2" drive, $22
3/4" drive, $60

Strap Filter Wrench

Image of: Strap Filter Wrench
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Lisle Heavy Duty
Strap Filter Wrench
Model 60200

Walter Zip Cut Discs

Image of: Walter Zip Cut Discs
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4 1/2" x 3/64" x 7/8"
Pack of 25

Wurth Brake Cleaner

Image of: Wurth Brake Cleaner
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SaBesto Brake & Parts Cleaner